Do you still use Aquamin?


We are proud to continue offering high-quality real-food ingredient products that our customers love. To continue to simplify our ingredients list to only include real superfood benefits, we have decided to remove Aquamin from a select number of our products including our Superfood Creamers. We believe the core functional benefit of our Creamer comes from the coconut milk powder which contains naturally occurring MCTs - all of those medium-chain triglycerides that we love!

You will continue to see Aquamin™ present in several other products in our portfolio when it provides a true functional vs additive role in the formula and we continue to believe in the value of incorporating magnesium and calcium into your daily diet. 

Check out some of our favorites like our Hydrate Coconut Waters and Daily Greens to find the amazing benefits of Aquamin! 

If you have additional questions or comments that you'd like to share, our team is always happy to help!

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