Why is there Tapioca Maltodextrin in the Coconut Milk Powder?


Here at Laird Superfood, we do not use nor add any processing aids during the manufacturing process of our products. However, in an effort to include our consumers in some ingredient education we've opted to add a call out for Tapioca Maltodextrin to our Coconut Milk Powders' ingredient label. To reiterate, while this ingredient is not added to our final product it may be used in the the coconut milk powder at very minimal amounts by our vendors as a processing aid to ensure anti-clumping for the milling and packing of their ingredient.

Kind of like how flour would be used during the bread making process this allows for the Coconut Milk Powder to be more easily manipulated and results in the smoother mixing and storage of this product.

In researching this product we made the important decision to only allow for the use of tapioca maltodextrin by our vendors which is a critical difference between us and many other brands due to its high quality and traceable sourcing.
All of our vendors are carefully vetted and we are super strict with all suppliers to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used and only plant-based non-GMO ingredients are allowed. 

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