Manage Your Subscriptions

We recently updated our subscription portal, so you will see a new and improved view of your subscriptions.  Below are some examples of the new view and how to perform some common tasks regarding your subscriptions:

When you are logged into your subscriptions, you will see this screen. Click on Manage Subscriptions:


On the next screen, select the Edit button for the subscription you'd like to change or update:


On the next screen, you can click on add discount to apply a code to your subscription, add items or you can click on the "manage this subscription" link:


If you click Manage this subscription, you will be able to reschedule you subscription, skip a subscription, swap for a different product or cancel your subscription.

If you want to expedite your upcoming order, from the first screen, click View your next order:

This will open a screen with a "Send now:  button at the top. Clicking this will take you through a process to send your upcoming order immediately. It will then charge your account and send you a confirmation email.

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