Do we use processing aids?


Here at Laird Superfood, we are happy to say we do not use nor add any processing aids during the manufacturing process of our products. That being said, tapioca maltodextrin may be used at very minimal amounts in the coconut milk powder produced by our vendors as a processing aid to ensure limited clumping during the milling of the powder. This process allows for the Coconut Milk Powder to have a smoother consistency in its final product.

At this time, there may be negligible amounts of this found in the finished product of our coconut milk powder products including our Superfood Creamers and Instant Lattes. Per the FDA's policy, this product is not required to be added to the labeling as it is a byproduct found in trace amounts of the total product volume. 


Our team continues to work hard to create the best quality creamers and other products on the market today. We understand that some people may prefer to avoid certain ingredients, and we're committed to finding innovative solutions that cater to a wide range of preferences. 


Please reach out to our team directly via if there are any additional questions.

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