Where did the Bright Cups go?

Part of trying to lead changes in our food system means we’re going to try new things and see if they work. We know you, our consumer, want to have convenient single serve coffee pod options. We launched Bright Pods believing it could be a more sustainable way to provide this style of coffee. What we quickly learned, however, was that while the bright pods were sustainable, to maintain the coffee quality we had to package them in plastic that could be sealed. We also learned that many of our consumers did not have access to industrial level compostable facilities that were required to compost the pod.  Lastly, as coffee machines upgraded, the Bright Cups were not compatible with the new Keurig 2.0 machine.


We have made the shift to a more traditional K-cup pod format, which is then packaged in recyclable cardboard, to provide a convenient, consistent and high-quality functional coffee experience. And the great news is that these new pods are K-Cup 2.0 Compatible! We hope you love this simple way to start your day fueled.

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