Do your products fit into my diet/lifestyle?

mceclip0.pngAt Laird Superfood, we specially formulate our products to be as close to their real food ingredients as possible. With that in mind, our customers are able to find the perfect fit for their Daily Ritual! Check out these links to find products that fit your specific lifestyle needs:

Paleo Diet: Paleo Snacks, Coffee & Protein Powder | Laird Superfood

Vegan Diet: Vegan Snacks, Milk, Coffee & Creamers | Laird Superfood

Keto Diet: Keto Creamers, Coffee, Snacks & Protein Powder | Laird Superfood

Gluten-Free: Gluten-Free Coffee, Creamers, Snacks & Protein | Laird Superfood

Intermittent fasting:

It is possible to use our products with a lifestyle like intermittent fasting, however, it should be noted that every individual's body will process and react differently to things that are consumed during these periods. We recommend doing your own research on the many foods and beverages that may/may not break a fast.

If you still have questions, we recommend reaching out to a medical provider or dietician for more information!

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