What are MCTs?


MCTs are Medium-Chain Triglycerides, also known as medium chain fatty acids. Coconuts are one of our favorite ingredients because they naturally contain the full range of MCTs (C6, C8, C10, and C12). Studies show that MCTs may be easier to digest and more rapidly absorbed than Long Chain Triglycerides (LCTs) due to their smaller chain length. MCTs are also quickly metabolized (burned as fuel) and therefore more efficiently converted for immediate use in the body.

How much of each MCT will I receive per serving?

As we do not test each individual lot for MCT concentrations, we cannot verify with certainty the specific amount of MCTs in our products due to the inherent variation in natural foods. In general, roughly 62-65% of the fat in Coconut Oil are MCTs and about 93% of the fat in Coconut Milk are MCTs.

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