Serving Sizes and How to Measure?

Serving Measurements

All of our products are regulated based on fill weight, which can be found on the FDA-regulated nutritional panel. The FDA establishes a Reference Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC) for each food category, and they also mandate the listed serving size closest to the RACC, which is 2g for the powdered creamer category.

However, in speaking with our consumers, the typical amount used is greater than 2g, so we have added a second nutritional column to reflect the most popular amount used. For our powdered creamers, the most popular amount is 8g, which is marked as the "recipe" on the nutrition panel. The included household measure (listed in teaspoons, tablespoons, or cups) is designed to help you estimate portions of product, but isn't quite as accurate as the fill weight measurement, because measuring spoons measure volume and not mass. There are only certain allowable increments that we can use–for example, we could not use "1.3 tablespoons" as a guideline.  As with all products, the density of the product varies depending on a variety of factors including heat changes, agitation, and variance in measurement techniques.

If you're looking to get the most accurate measurements possible, we highly recommend using a kitchen scale! This is also recommended in baking, as it allows you to use more precise ingredient portions in your recipes.

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