What are Mushroom Extracts?

ZenDesk_Images_Mushrooms_790x300.jpgOrganic Mushroom Extracts 

We utilize extracts of several different organic mushrooms, including Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps in our products. We love these powerful ingredients due to their natural functionality and their valued history in Eastern medicine for hundreds of years. 


Why Extracts vs Powder?

We chose an extract for several of our products in order to ensure the amazing taste of the product was not affected by the mushrooms. The extracts also allow for a greater amount of beta-D-glucans, which are extracted from the fruiting body of the mushrooms.


Where are they grown?

The functional mushrooms used in our extracts are grown organically in Asia on local farms utilizing sawdust, and are certified in compliance with the US-Canada Organic Equivalence Agreement. They are processed under a HACCP plan and each lot undergoes testing to verify that it meets food safety requirements. In addition, Laird Superfood also performs verification testing upon receipt of each new lot to insure they meet our stringent quality standards. 


How are they processed?

Some of our mushroom extracts are extracted with water and ethanol, while others are extracted with only water. In accordance with Food and Drug Administration requirements, If there is any trace ethanol in the finished product, it will be present at less than 0.5%.


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