Why does the packaging look so different?


Laird Superfood was founded in 2015 when Laird Hamilton took his favorite Superfood Creamer recipe and shared it with the world. Since then we have been on a journey to provide high quality, superfood products that we believe can truly change the way consumers eat. During that journey we were racing so fast to launch new products that when we took a step back and looked at our full portfolio we realized that we had an opportunity to make our brand more consistent, look more delicious and do a better job of telling Laird’s amazing story. This hefty project which took into account numerous notes of customer feedback led to the new brand design you are seeing today. We are so proud of the bold, superfood statement that it makes and truly believe we have the opportunity to stand out in the market and change the industry by leading the charge in functional food.

You'll notice a few name changes too - we believe this new naming convention will help better describe the taste of each product to our new customers who may not yet be familiar with the brand.

For more information about our rebrand check out our Help Center

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