How to manage your subscription

We are excited to offer a new view of our subscription portal. It is now more user-friendly than ever!  You can either view the video below, or follow the instructions outlined below the video:

To begin making any changes to your Daily Ritual Club subscription, you'll need to start by logging in. After logging in this will show your customer profile, to make adjustments to your subscription, click on Manage Subscriptions:


On the next screen, you'll be brought to your subscription dashboard. From here, you'll be able to make various changes. Below are a few examples of common tasks to complete in your subscription:


To update your subscription items, or remove a subscription item:

From your subscription dashboard, select the Edit button for the subscription item you'd like to change or update:


On the next screen, you'll be able to reschedule your next delivery date, skip this item in your upcoming order, and change the size or quantity of your subscription item:

If you scroll down the bottom of the page, you'll also be given the option to swap this subscription item for something new, as well as cancel the subscription item altogether:



Adjust the ship date on your whole order:

From the manage subscription main page, select the order in which you would like to change the date. From the orders page, you can select send now, reschedule, or skip to best fit your needs. Reminder if selecting one of these options to confirm it below. It may take a few minutes to receive your order confirmation via email if ordering now. Please wait until you've received this confirmation before selecting this option again.

order now sub image.PNG


Update your personal info and payment information:

From the manage subscription page, select address & payment details. From this screen you change change all of the personal details associated with your account including payment details, name, email and shipping address.

address update portal.PNG

Here you can make any personal detail changes:

manage details sub.PNG


Add rewards points to your order:

From the order page, select the add discount button the bottom right, here you can add your premade rewards points code to your selected order. If you need help redeeming rewards first, check out our FAQ here: Where are my rewards? – Laird Superfood

add discount code sub.PNG


These are just the top tips on how to make changes to your subscription, if there is anything our team can help with please reach out via for assistance. 





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