Where are my rewards?

In this guide you will learn how to redeem your reward points, where to find them, and when to use them:

After logging in, on the home page of your portal on the left-hand side there is a link to your rewards page, click redeem:


This will navigate you to a view that shows your total points and available redemption options. Select one of the available options and a rewards code will be created, you can then use the code (always beginning in RWDS) on a single one-time or subscription purchase. Please note that rewards codes cannot be stacked, and the largest redemption option is 1500 points for $30 off an order:

Capture rewards 2.PNG

From this view, you can also see your Rewards History as well as any codes you have created but not redeemed. These codes never expire so you can use them at a later time, if needed!

We also include a handy guide on other ways to earn rewards points including adding your birthday and following our social media accounts. You can do all of this from this dashboard; it's your one-stop shop for everything rewards points!


If there are any additional questions, please reach out to our team via aloha@lairdsuperfood.com for support!

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