What is Aquamin™?


Aquamin™ is a natural, marine-sourced multi-mineral, from marine sea algae (Lithothamnion spp.) sourced in Ireland and harvested using organic and sustainable practices from the North Atlantic sea bed, off the coast of Iceland. Throughout the aquatic plant’s life, it accumulates calcium and other minerals from the seawater and stores them as salts in the Algae/seaweed. Aquamin may contain several other trace minerals that have been identified in total, including Calcium and Magnesium. This all-natural, vegan, allergen-free, and non-GMO ingredient that we love has also been demonstrated to have superior bioavailability compared to other commonly available calcium sources.

Aquamin™ is harvested under the International Standards for Sustainable Marine Aquaculture and is harvested with maximum sensitivity to the environment. A percentage of their sales are also used for research to further understand the efficacy of the practices of this unique source.

Carrageenan vs Aquamin™

Carrageenan and Aquamin are very different, although both are derived from marine sources (seaweed and algae). Carrageenan is an extract from a red seaweed (Chondrus crispus) commonly known as Irish Moss native to the British Isles and is commonly used as a thickener and gelling agent. In food processing, it plays the part of a "gum" supporting the mouthfeel and thickness of the product. Aquamin is sourced from Icelandic seas and is sourced from calcified sea algae (Lithothamnion sp.). It is a mineral-rich ingredient with high amounts of calcium naturally occurring. The above names in brackets are the formal Latin binomials... which as you can see, are completely different plants.

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