What are adaptogens?


Here at Laird Superfood, we believe that food is fuel. We define "Functional Foods" as foods that may provide a positive contribution to health, beyond just the basic nutritive value. It is widely known that groups of foods, in addition to their nutritional properties, offer additional potential benefits for overall health.  For example, the Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratios found in fatty fish have further positive health implications than adding just any fat to our dietary intake. We consider our adaptogen formulas to be functional food, meaning that these mushrooms are nutritious superfoods that have been shown to offer additional benefits when consumed on a regular basis.

The core 4 mushrooms you can find in our Adaptogen products:

Organic Chaga Mushroom -

This highly desired mushroom, sometimes referred to as “Chaga Gold” and considered the “King of Mushrooms,'' grows on hardwood trees, primarily Birch trees, and is found in the colder, northern climates. Studied for its support of the immune system, Chaga is a “go-to” for overall well-being.

Organic Cordyceps Mushroom -

Cordyceps mushrooms were traditionally native high in the mountains of China, but are now found all over, most commonly in Asia. A definite in your daily ritual, this functional mushroom is loved by high-endurance performers.

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom -

Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom native to North America, Europe, and Asia and is also known as the bearded tooth or pom pom mushroom. Lion’s Mane is easily identified by its bearded look. Used for its properties, you won’t taste the lion’s mane flavor in any of our blends.

Organic Maitake Mushroom -

Maitake has been used for hundreds of years in traditional Eastern cuisine and medicine for its support of overall health and vitality. Maitake’ means “Dancing Mushroom” in Japanese.

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